Jasmine and the Lamp
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A great story about Jasmine, a young girl, who discovers her inner strength and courage through a fantastic journey. With witches, spells, interesting characters and a magic lamp, "Jasmine And The Lamp of Spells" is a fantasy fan's dream. It is a must read.

Christina M.

Jasmine is a character in a story that is perfect for young ladies empowering their inner strength to pursue their dreams and goals in life.  I recommend this book for all who wish to channel their inner spirit and pursue their goals in life and keep driving forward. 
Michelle T.

I found that I was genuinely interested in the characters and what would happen to them.
Interweaving the real world and the magical world worked well.
Elaine T.
Thank you for allowing me to experience your maiden novel. I found the story very enchanting.
Elizabeth O. 
"One of the best books Ive ever read!!! Cant wait until the next one comes out!!"
Lena M.